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Sick Husband Rice Porridge


 Do men experience the flu or common cold differently than women? It’s an age old debate and a common meme that has developed into its own illness designation, “man flu”, with thousands of articles referencing the inferiority of man when faced with a seasonal illness. Women really can do it […]

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Chicken Stock


 Chicken stock is an essential cooking element that needs very little instruction to master. Sure, you can run to the grocery store to pick up a box of stock. In a dark hour you could even add bullion to water, even I have been so desperate. But neither will give […]

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 My dad always fancied himself a phenomenal cook. He had what I would call a passing interest in food, but in comparison with the rest of his family (before I came along) he was the Jackson family food expert. Each summer his mother, my Nam (sounds like Pam) would throw […]

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Furikake Chicken


 Fargo, North Dakota is the largest city between Minneapolis, MN and Spokane, WA. With a whopping population size of 120,000 its no wonder that every few weeks I needed to get out to a real big city and stretch my legs a bit. My hometown has about 400,000 residents in […]


Chicken Brine


 Chicken is an affordable and versatile bird, but it lacks a deep flavor profile. I recommend brining your bird bits overnight, or at least for a few hours before setting about to cook. A brine consists of water, salt, sugar and acid and can be manipulated in a variety of […]


Kabayaki Sauce


 Typically used to grill eel, kabayaki is a sweet reduced soy sauce that can add sweet depth to many other dishes. I use it as a base in my Furikake Chicken. It could also be substituted for teriyaki with picky eaters as it contains no aromatics (ie. ginger and garlic)


Goodbye, Mr. Bourdain


 In 2007 I was lost and listless, without a path or a passion. In a dumpy dimly lit studio in Bradenton, Florida, I sat alone on a goodwill loveseat and watched as a man on tv explored the world and ate food that shaped each community he visited. Before my […]

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Kimchi Rice Cakes


 There is a sushi restaurant in downtown Sarasota that serves something called a “sushi pizza”. Sushi pizza sounds like an abomination, but in fact it is a big sushi rice patty that has been perfectly fried golden topped with fresh fish, kanikama, avocado and fish roe. The fried rice patty […]